Speech Pathology


Speech and Language Pathologists can help with the following:

  • Delays in speech articulation, phonology and motor.
  • Language delays, including expression and comprehension.
  • Fluency, including stammering.
  • Voice and resonance, including pitch, quality and loudness of voice.
  • Cognitive-communicative challenges including social communication skills, reasoning, problem-solving and executive functions.

Speech for kids

Speech and Language Pathology for kids can take place in our clinic on a one-on-one basis, in small groups or at their school, depending on the treatment plan. A variety of speech therapy exercises and activities are available to choose from pertaining to your child’s needs. During speech and language therapy for kids, the SLP may:

  • interact through talking and playing, and using books, pictures other objects as part of language intervention to help stimulate language development
  • model correct sounds and syllables for a child during age-appropriate play to teach the child how to make certain sounds
  • provide strategies and homework for the child and parent or caregiver on how to engage in speech therapy at home

Speech therapy can treat a broad range of speech and language delays and disorders in children and adults. With early intervention, speech therapy can improve communication and boost self-confidence. Our approach to therapy is tailored to fit your needs and fosters a fun, exciting and supportive environment where our clients ability to communicate can blossom. We work closely with carers, support workers and other professionals to ensure a collaborative service delivery as much as possible.

All of our therapists are Certified Practicing Speech Pathologists and members of Speech Pathology Australia.

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